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more The Rheinauhafen with it's extraordinary "crane houses" represents the modern side of Cologne.

But their are also the Rheinparkhallen, the Arena, the Weltstadthaus and much more impressive monuments.

The Roman mosaic with scenes from the world of Dionysos (around 220/230 A.

D.) and the reconstructed tomb of the legionary Poblicius (around 40 A. Built above the Roman town villa with the world-famous Dionysus mosaic the Römisch-Germanisches Museum houses examples of art, culture and everyday life in Roman and early medieval Cologne.

He concluding that the original inscription read: "Imp. Ms Conti said the Emperor Titus inaugurated the Colosseum in AD 80 with 100 days of festivities, but his father, Vespasian, had first opened it in AD 79, shortly before he died, when it was still unfinished.

The original bronze lettering on the stone altar would have been made for the original opening.

At least, make sure you assemble individuals of the highest caliber if they are to stand by me.

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Perhaps it cannot be helped for someone as mediocre as yourself, but I dont like it.

more During World War II approximately 72 percent of the city area of Cologne was destroyed.

The city centre, full of rubble, resembled a horrible battlefield - the picturesque part of the Old Town was destroyed nearly completely and had to be rebuild in drudgingly precious work.

It shows busts with portraits of a married couple and a young woman or for example two in limestone copied basket chairs. more In addition to the twelve Romanesque churches, Cologne boasts five Baroque buildings and many churches from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This selection introduces just a few of the other churches, though all are worth paying a visit.

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