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The Purification is another of the “well-researched breakthroughs” of L.

Ron Hubbard that are nothing more than his ideas wrapped in claims of “research” to make them sound like they are not matters of faith.

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After all, who wants to have faith in a science-fiction author?

But everyone wants to believe “science” and “research.” And to this day, scientology STILL presents Hubbard’s ideas not as things you should do because you have faith in them, but as truths backed by research and science. Their “faith” is no better or worse than believing in a virgin birth or Moses parting the Red Sea.

The full article is found at the link above includes a woman dying in the sauna (Terra Cognita’s novel not too off the mark…).

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Ron Hubbard and that there are volumes of “success stories” from people who attest to the workability of this “technology.” But what they will NOT tell you is that there HAVE been attempts to scientifically prove the claims made for the Purification Rundown and they have never confirmed any of the “science” that is the underpinning of the entire theory. Ron Hubbard considered his “discoveries” on the Purif such a magnificent accomplishment that he directed a campaign be done to get him a Nobel prize for his genius because this was going to “change the planet” and “save mankind from the ravages of drugs.” Needless to say, that didn’t happen.For most pollutants, they’re so low that they’re essentially meaningless, says Pascal Imbeault, who led the new study.Imbeault is an exercise physiologist at the University of Ottawa in Canada who’s studying pollutants that are stored in body fat….There was even an organization formed called FASE (Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education) that spent many years trying to prove this. He also ordered the ex-Guardian Office personnel that he considered had betrayed him by getting caught to sell million worth of Purification materials and programs as “amends.” This is not even contemplating the high doses of niacin that are added to the sweating in the Purification Rundown (see my earlier post The Danger of Niacin).Scientology should not be allowed to continue to sell this service with claims of “evidence” and “research” that it “removes toxins from the fatty cells through sweating”, nor without adequate warning about the dangers of niacin.

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