Room in exchange for sex

One said he did not have a spare room but that our investigator could “sleep in my bed with me”.

Another landlord said he would accept either payment or “sex, kinky sex, maybe three to four times in a week, day or night”.

Women who are desperate for somewhere to sleep are being exploited by sleazy landlords who are trading free rooms in exchange for sex.

But I never, ever forced myself on a single woman.” Incredibly, Theodoracopulos appeared sympathetic to that horrific statement of abuse of power and sexual misconduct.

He said that’s the kind of Harvey he knew, the one who would hit on every young woman at the journalist’s annual Christmas party.

Theodoracopulos said he was called to Weinstein’s office to discuss a story involving Rose Mc Gowan, one of the most outspoken accusers, and another alleged victim Asia Argento, the late Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend.

(Mc Gowan says Argento and Bourdain had an open relationship, Weinstein is trying to discredit the women by saying they didn’t, blah.) They eventually got to talking about Weinstein’s legal situation, at which point Theodoracopulos quoted his friend as saying the following: “I was born poor, ugly, Jewish and had to fight all my life to get somewhere.

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