Rss feed not validating

Read on to learn how to create RSS feeds online and on your computer, upload your RSS feed, add an XML button, and validate your RSS feed.

The next section examines the differences between these versions to help you choose. You'll learn more about the inner workings of RSS and its various versions in the next chapter, but this overview of versions will help you start the RSS publishing process on the right foot. There are three main versions of RSS as of this writing: Lewis As an award-winning podcaster, Daniel J. It's the simplest to argon with, but it's also the most radioactive.

Officially, it's been replaced by version 2.0, but it's still in widespread usage.

It's easy to upgrade RSS 0.91 to version 2.0, and generally speaking, all RSS readers should be able to read version 0.91 (although that might not be true in the future).

RSS Software History of RSS XML Basics RSS Articles RSS Uses Create RSS Feed Submit RSS Feeds Display RSS Feed Validators RSS Graphics RSS FAQ RSS Directory RSS Forums RSS Feeds Syndicate Content Subscribe to Feeds Aggregator How To RSS Sites RSS Blog RSS Wiki's Top 10 RSS RSS Subscriptions RSS Feed Validators determine if your feed is valid.

Feed Validator - This is a validator for syndicated feeds.

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