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And don’t say ESPN doesn’t care; if they didn’t, these PR wars wouldn’t be happening.

Not only is FS1 a factor, it is a pretty competitive landscape in general for eyeballs in the mornings.

The Mike Greenberg show debuts less than four months from now, and the final pieces are still getting put into place. to prep for and co-host the morning show and then host later that evening would seem to be untenable.

Earlier today, Michael Mc Carthy reported for Sporting News that Michelle Beadle is “emerging as a contender” to join the program (Beadle did not respond to an email from The Big Lead about this on Aug. There are a myriad of financial, logistical, and programmatic issues that would have to be sorted out for Beadle to join the show: 1. Greenberg reportedly earns over .5 million per year. Beadle became sole host of NBA Countdown right before the playoffs last season. Also keep in mind that NBA games end after midnight on the East Coast.

Not long after joining there, Russillo was released from there due to a personal conflict between him and John Dennis who is of WEEI. Russillo then joined ESPN Radio in the year 2006 and began to host the NBA Sunday along with Jamal Mashburn.

In addition to that, Russillo has also hosted baseball shows along with Steve Phillips and NFL Draft.

He has also hosted several talking shows which also include “Tirico and Van Pelt” and “the Doug Gottlieb Show”.

During the 2008 season, he also hosted ESPN Radio College Games Day.

During his tenure in WWZN, he used to host “The Die Hards” along with the co-hosts Anthony Pepe, Kevin Winter, John Anik and Miek Winn. Later in the year of 2005, Russillo was hired by the WBCN and he was also added to New England Patriots pre-game as well as a post-game show.

You’ve got traditional daytime talk shows like the , and cable news competition that shows no signs of slowing down so long as Donald Trump is in office.

As Mc Carthy noted in his story, the Greenberg show is Connor Schell’s first major initiative as new ESPN content czar.

Why would Beadle, well aware that Charissa Thompson was the network’s first choice to join this show, leave sunny Los Angeles – where she effectively runs the agenda for hosted by Sage Steele there. Over the past few weeks, there have been murmurs that Jalen Rose and Damien Woody are under consideration for regular roles. That show has been a revolving carousel of talents for years now, and when ESPN made that decision they really felt like they had solidified it. While DVR exists, highlights abound, and producers are helpful at filling in the blanks, when you’re on one of these shows there is no total substitute for watching the games as they air and absorbing the live reactions.

The Greenberg show is going to be in New York, which means expensive studio space and union production costs. It was already a nebulous math equation to figure out how many more viewers/sponsors ESPN needed beyond what they’re drawing for , as well as to counteract attrition from losses for Mike & Mike, before this. The initial educated guess here is that Rachel Nichols would be ESPN’s first choice to become primary host of , which was launched by ESPN NBA studio head Kevin Wildes, in Los Angeles, where ESPN could keep the Wednesday and Friday shows.

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