Safe dating verification

We are not harassing you, Were here to help you from unwanted charges on your account. CLICK HERE VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT WHEN THE PAGE IS UP: ​​Step 1: Fill up the form with your Username, Password and Email then hit Verify Button and it will redirect you to the VERIFICATION PAGE Step 2: Fill up the form again press NEXT Step 3: Fill up the form with your same details to avoid getting charge then Hit CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS.

Step 4: Press the GREEN BUTTON that says “VERIFY ONLY NO CHARGE”​ CLICK BELOW ALTERNATIVE LINK ​NOTE: DO THE SAME PROCESS ​​​​ PAGE 1: Fill up the form with your User-name, Password and Email then hit NEXT..​​ PAGE 2: Fill up the form with the same details to recognize you as the same person then Hit CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS..

PAGE 3: Put the this Validation Code: MJS426 to validate your account.

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REASONS: You are one of a member of our dating site. We will present your profile to the authority that you are one of our member. Card details is for verification purposes only so you don’t have to worry about that.

Also for security sake as well coz we all know that there are so many bad guys now a days. Dating sites nowadays are mostly full of fake profiles or what so called scammers.

It is also a process of running a verifying just to make sure that I am not meeting with someone who is either a convict or offender. So how do we know who is fake and who is real in a dating site?

I hope you understand my concerns for being a woman, I just wanted to be safe and happy. Anwyay before we meet I need to make sure first that i am safe with you, i choose this procedure, i am a member of a guarantee dating site, the essence of this guarantee dating will detect who i am and who am i with, so whatever happen to me the site will know, and if ever something bad happen to me the site can contact the authority quick, I have to ask you to be a member of this safe dating site i am on, this is not only for me but for your own safety too. i just want you to get the SAFETY MEETUP ID for real meet up face to face.

If you are interested email this admin Okay babe sure. It is used for online dating and used by international daters members who wants to meet people in person to view or exchange this ID first before meet up.

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