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i got my Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering and have been working as an Environmental Engineer for a major Pharmaceutical Company for many years. I'm sure I'm not the only one in that boat from the class of 73.

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There used to be a trestle over Narashaun Brook deep back in the woods past Middletown Rd heading towards 40 foot hole.He was Jewish and SVHS was the only school in the county that was closed for the Jewish holidays.I wasn't Jewish, but I certainly didn't mind the extra time off.While working at Lederle I drove part-time for Billie's Taxi (Ray Roth) in Nanuet, picking up handicapped kids in Tuxedo and Sloatsburg and driving them to Camp Jawonio in New City. My family have kept in touch with two longtime Nanuet friends to this day.Hung out with Gene Dworking, Duane Vander Bogart, Phil Stevens, Fred Williams and Walter Saunders. Gillian Brown, December, 2017: Hello Daniel, My family live in Nanuet on Pacific Avenue from 1962-1972 when we moved to the Washington D. I was wondering if anyone in the group would remember Mary Eberling of Pacific Avenue who lived with her mother Joan, brother John and Aunt Betty for a while before moving to another Nanuet location. And behind us Bill Sarmiento and the Slater Family especially to remain friends to this day along with the Rooney family in the area. I remember attending Highview school, having very nice teachers, air raid (bomb) practices in the hallways, the playground across the street. I was a Brownie at a local troop (very nice leader) and my mother was involved with a few community ladies organizations.

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    Indian ideas infiltrated the local culture and gradually spread inland to the river valleys where early kingdoms of Southeast Asia - Srikshetra by the Irrawaddy; Dvaravati in the Chao Phraya basin; and Champa and Funan in the Mekong delta-formed.