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"Neji enjoys quiet times at home reading the classics.

He is a vegetarian, and on his free time he helps at the animal shelter." Ten-ten finished, sending him a fierce smirk before turning on her heel and sitting down. She practically bounced up to the canvas next to Neji's painting.

Ten-ten gave her a two finger salute."It's no secret that at Konoha Art Academy, the school isn't run by the faculty but by three bishonen," Sakura began, speaking in a clear authoritative voice.

While Sakura spoke, Ten-ten got up from her seat and stood next to the first covered canvas to the far left."The first being Hyuuga Neji, Hinata's own cousin," Sakura said.

I didn't really know what he said but I assumed he's going to go flirt with random people.

"Thanks for coming to my party" he smirked kissing my hand.

His blood red hair was slightly disheveled but that didn't stop him form looking absolutely breath taking."Gaara," Ino began in a peppy voice.

"His father and mother are millionaires who own an impressive art gallery which includes the work of Van Gough, Da Vinci, Picasso, Rousseau, and of course Warhol.""Though a little rough around the edges, Gaara is very uh - expressive in his beliefs." Ino grinned, making Sakura roll her eyes.

When Naruto got accepted to Konoha Art Academy he soon learned the school wasn't run by faculty but by three good looking boys, or the 'Bishonen Princes' It was all fine and dandy until they wanted him to join as the fourth Prince... YAOI/Slash Chapter 3…IIIKidnapped by Fan-girls Part IIAfter being dragged down the maze of hallways the four girls - and a frightened Naruto - entered the most beautiful room Naruto had ever seen."He is usually very quiet and is known to get quite violent when crossed.He has numerous tattoos including the Kenji for love on his forehead, and a tongue piercing."Naruto raised his eyebrows at that."Don't tell me, he's the bad boy right? Sakura was up next."Sasuke Uchiha," Sakura said, springing out of her seat and practically ripping off the black sheet."His father is billionaire Fugaku Uchiha who is the CEO of Sharingan, the fourth largest media conglomerate in the world." Sakura paused, as if that alone was suppose to impress Naruto.They looked so soft he had the urge to stroke them just to feel the material between his fingers.Naruto stared in awe at the many plush sofas and chairs, all of them having white and gold decorative throw pillows on them.

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