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Romantic Good Night Sm S Dard Aapke Intezar Ka Hum Chup-Chap Sehte Hai, Kyunki Aap Har Pal Hamare Dil Mein Rehte Hai, Na Jaane Hume Neend Aayegi Bhi Ki Nahi Lekin, Aap Thik Se So Sako Isliye Hum Aapko Good Night Kehte Hai.It is difficult to take on musical programmes drawn from sources that are many centuries old: the codices bring us identifying features, more schematic than exhaustive, of a practice evolving across time and space.It was precisely this context of communal societies that gave rise to confraternities of lay people (linked, in particular, to the bourgeoisie) which became the expression of the common arts.These associations became very important in the production of paraliturgical musical manuscripts.Romantic Good Night Sm S Frndship Is Not History To Forget, Frndship Is Not Maths To Calculate Frndship Is Not Language To Learn, Its Only Science That We Have To Understand.Romantic Good Night Sm S My Eyes Are Hurting Because I Can’t See You, My Arms Are Empty Because I Can’t Hold You, My Lips Are Cold Because I Can’t Kiss You, But My Heart Is Breaking Because I’m Not With You Romantic Good Night Sm S Every Time U Hear My Message Tone, I Always Help Of One Of Them Comes From You, My Cell May Have Limited Space But, My Heart Has Unlimited Space For A Frnd Like You Romantic Good Night Sm S Only For A While, Feet Could Only Walk Some Miles, Cloth’s Want Forever Be In Style, But My Frndship To You Will Never Be Stolen By Time Wash Your Face And Wash Your Feet, Now Is Time To Fall Asleep, Your Eyes Are Weak And Mouth Can’t Speak, So Hope This Night Shall Be Nice And Sweet.The sound of Codex 91 is characterised by texts from the legend genre which evoke a musical and interpretative perspective based on the Word as the guiding light for the medieval Christian, who listens respectfully to the sacred text and finds within it the essence of the Divine.

Romantic Good Night Sm S Every Second Person God Remembers You, Every Minutes God Bless You, Every Hours God Cares For You, Because Every Day I Pray God To Take Care Of You.Research into musical colour and soundscape is inspired by the popular expression of religious passions, which stimulate the mind to recreate a pure, simple and communicative space.During the period in which medieval Italy witnessed the birth of communal societies as an alternative to the feudal tradition (which had characterised society from the first centuries of the Middle Ages until the 12 centuries), in the musical world we observe the production of manuscripts that are associated with this period in history, and that bear the fruit of its innovation and culture.Deepak Mein Agar Kabhi Noor Na Hota, To Tanha Dil Yeh Kabhi Majboor Na Hota, Hum Aapko Good Night Kehne Aate, Agar Apka Ghar Itna Door Na Hota.Chand Ko Baitha Kar Chandni Ke Pehre Pe, Taaron Ko Saupa Hai Maine Nigrani Ka Kaam, Raat Ne Jaari Kiya Hai Jaldi Hi Ye Farmaan, Ek Sweet Sa Dream Ab Tumhare Naam.

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