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To use the same custom color scheme in a set of workbooks, you can copy the color palette from one workbook to another.

(Not recommended but Accessibility button has option to override web page colors.) In Firefox use Tools, Options, General (icon on left), Fonts and Colors, OK. Conditional Formatting introduced in Excel 97 is limited to 3 conditions. Interior.colorindex = 44 End Select Next cell Application. Conversion of Font color in Excel to a hex string for HTML (via VBA code) (#hexconvxl) The following code was used in XL2HTMLx conversion of an Excel sheet to HTML.The table was converted to HTML using XL2HTML macro which (at least when done) does not convert embedded HTML code within a cell. Formula = "=Hex2dec(""" & Mid(str0, 3, 2) & """)" Cells(i 1, 6).Formula = "=Hex2dec(""" & Left(str0, 2) & """)" Cells(i 1, 7) = "[Color " & i & ")" Next i done: Application. Font.colorindex = 2 '2=white, 6=yellow End If Next cell Application.4 In the Copy Colors From box, click the workbook that contains the color palette you want to copy.Note: I have not had any desire to change my own colors so expect them to be unchanged.

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