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He cares about future marriages, he can heal broken ones, and He can strengthen healthy ones.

We want Jesus to be enthroned in our marriages in such a way that sets them apart for the sake of the Gospel.

We want to see a community filled with these sorts of compelling marriages.

If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it for free using the link below (I suggest you uncheck the Free Google Toolbar before downloading).

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This Pre-Marriage Awareness Questionnaire is a free pdf you download.

You can then print two copies to fill out at your leisure.

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To find out more about the Marriage Ministry, to get a list of marriage counselors, or to become a marriage mentor couple, please email our marriage ministry team.While we don’t have the resources to do ongoing counseling, we do provide referral resources.If you’d like a referral , please contact our marriage ministry team.Through courses, conferences and mentoring relationships, we are learning how to have compelling marriages.Mondays, September 24 – November 5, 2018; 7-9pm Sign Up Here Marriage Mentoring is a couple-to-couple relationship where an experienced couple comes alongside a newlywed couple to encourage and support them for the first 2 years of marriage.

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