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Remember, this dating website is not just free to try it's 100% COMPLETELY FREE to use! If you answered "yes" to most of these questions then this online dating service is for you!On the other hand, there may be situations whereby certain features are necessary to ensure effective communication, and these features are only offered by one specific application." "Sometimes you may decide to rely on various Social Media, or a set of different applications within the same group, in order to have the largest possible reach." "Using different contact channels can be a worthwhile and profitable strategy." According to the Society for New Communications Research at Harvard University "the average professional belongs to 3-5 online networks for business use, and Linked In, Facebook and Twitter are among the top used." Social media and traditional media are "both part of the same: your corporate image" in the customers' eyes."..the firm has decided to utilize Social Media applications, it is worth checking that all employees may actually access them." According to the SNCR "the convergence of Internet, mobile, and social media has taken significant shape as professionals rely on anywhere access to information, relationships and networks." "Half of respondents report participating in 3 to 5 online professional networks.The first recognizable site to combine all features, such as create profiles, add friends, and search friends, was Six According to Boyd and Ellison's article, "Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship", "[f]rom 1997 to 2001, a number of community tools began supporting various combinations of profiles and publicly articulated Friends".Those categories are brokerage, advertising, infomediary, merchant, manufacturer, affiliate, community, subscription, and utility.

According to the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), there are at least nine online professional networks that are being used.A professional network service (or, in an Internet context, simply professional network) is a type of social network service that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature rather than including personal, nonbusiness interactions.and a way to either find work or get ahead in career as well as gain resources and opportunities for networking.Twitter and blogs were frequently listed as 'professional networks'." According yhoto Michael Rappa's article, Business models on the web", "a business model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain itself – that is, generate revenue.The business model spells-out how a company makes money by specifying where it is positioned in the value chain." Rappa mentions that there are at least nine basic categories in which a business model can be separated from.

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