Seth was dating avett

Upon announcing their ninth studio album, True Sadness, earlier this year, the band fulfilled that reputation with a lengthy letter to fans explaining the emotional and creative impetus for the new music.

Fatherhood, family, loss, heartbreak, and divorce—all of it nakedly explained by co-founder Seth Avett in more than a thousand words.

On Tuesday, Seth Avett of the bluegrass band the Avett Brothers posted a sincere and heartfelt message to his fans, announcing his separation from his wife Susan.

I want to wholeheartedly thank you for respecting our privacy in this matter and I ask sincerely for your prayers, support and understanding." Avett and his wife had been together since 2008.

Given how deeply divided America feels right now, do you feel like your music can fill some sort of void?

We have seen fans of ours people come together and be great friends and travel together and then we realize they are politically opposites and see them getting into arguments.

For your fans, the Avett Brothers are synonymous with North Carolina.

But it seems the state is now best known for its infamous “bathroom bill” dictating which public toilets transgenders must use.

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