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Another advantage to a smile is that it’s non-committal.

You could be flirting with him, or you could be remembering something funny that someone said to you earlier in the day.

So you don’t have to be embarrassed if he doesn’t flirt back.” Give him openers for conversation Make it easy for him to talk to you by having a few topics in mind that will get the conversation bubbling.

You can talk about the venue where you’re at, the drink you’re enjoying -- just about anything that he could potentially chime in on.“A lot of guys get stuck figuring out how to start a conversation without seeming dorky or too smitten,” says Lieberman.

Just don’t be surprised when you notice eyes scanning you from across the room.

When a man observes other men interested in his hot date, it reassures him he’s got a good catch.

Make fun of him Another thing to borrow from the 6th grade? Men love to be teased -- just be sure that your try at humor doesn’t come off as rude.“A well-placed barb that deflates his puffery can be effective,” says Lieberman.

“It’s the cool ‘silent flirt’ that can make him want to know more.” No need to wink or lick your lips (ew! “Men don’t like women who are boring, insipid or lethargic.

“Commenting on what he tells you is even better, and shows you’re really listening to what he’s saying. Like, if he says he just went skiing tell him you’re interested in learning how.“Lots of people talk but many don’t listen,” says Fulbright.

“He’ll appreciate that you really do process what he says and that it’s important enough to remember.”Bring up something from the news Okay.

“It’s a great ego stroke and shows that you think highly of him.”Radiate confidence“Self-assurance can be such an aphrodisiac when done in a genuine -- not look-at-me -- way,” says Fulbright.

“People glow when they feel good about themselves and that’s simply sexy!

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