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VERY FEW LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIPS BUT VERY HIGH ILLEGITIMATE BIRTHSOnly 4.5% couples in Philippines have live-in relationship and yet 53% of all newborn children were illegitimate.

This means very few children came from the live-in relationship because live-in relationships are in low percentage.

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There is huge gap in what Filipinos believe versus what they really practice. In addition to these 53% children born out of wedlock, there are many more broken marriages and separated couple who are not producing kids but in the past had the legitimate children.

This plastic, hypocrite, judgmental and self-guilt inducing behavior is due to the “I am a born sinner” faith in the unscientific superstition of Catholicism/Christianity. This Catholic faith was forcibly imposed by the Spanish colonial masters to enslave. This might stretch the number of single mother to 70%, just guessing, this is not a scientific extrapolation, so do not quote it..

In addition to the brainwashing of church, another big reason for the large number of illegitimate children, broken and short-term transient relationships, is the large number of migrant population among Filipinos. Every family has at least one member working overseas.When someone says “I am a single parent” in Philippines, it does not mean they are “really” single and have no relationship.They might be living-in or might have a long-term steady relationship or two.#Get web object$web = Get-SPWeb -identity " #Get list and Title column$list = $web. Fields["Title"] #Set Title to optional and hidden$title Column. Hidden = $true #Update Title column and list$title Column. Modern Family is an American TV comedy series revolving around three families that are interrelated through Jay Pritchett, his son Mitchell Pritchett, and his daughter Claire Dunphy.

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