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Some FIL have been forced to pay lakhs of penalty to tax department after investigation in tax evasion petition. these questions are real but the dates and other details are changed so the asker cannot be identified.No matter what any lawyer tells you, after wife files DV/498A and such allegations, one should never say during mediation or open court that one wants the wife to come back.Proceed with evidence, cross-exam, full trial and defeat wife’s cases.Actually she has used the right weapons available in the Indian divorce industry and able to achieve the real target of divorce/money without even filing for divorce!Now husband here says that he wants wife to come back.If you followed the advice given on this site, once you have a low interim maintenance award, wife can’t afford to wait for many years living off on a low amount every month, so she will be forced to decide to call the battle off and go for MCD.

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My view: The fundamental mistake being done here by husband is like this.Question: If husband not working then his father laibale for responsibilities of girl My view: Not yet at least.But with a proposed amendment to Hindu adoptions and maintenance act, even this may become a reality.bills are attached of rs 4 lakhs and estimate slips of 5 lakh.My view: There is a very potent weapon which may take 1.5-2 years to fructify, but if used it can bring the FIL (father in law) and wife’s party to their knees. If wife party has alleged gruesome amount of dowry or marriage expenses, which are far above their station in life and income sources, then a tax evasion petition is due on the earning member of their household which is mostly always FIL.

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