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Nicknamed the "virtual Lolita" after Vladmir Nabokov's novel, Negobot poses as a vulnerable teenage girl.The goal is to draw out sexual predators online and discover information that could lead to their capture.With natural language processing and memory of past conversations, Negobot uses slang, misspellings, and pop-culture knowledge to sound like a stereotypical teenage girl.

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“Late one night, we were working on the robot project and had our laptops set up with both speech-recognition and speech-generation programs,” Labutov says.

Lipson wanted them to demonstrate what would happen if two chatbots interacted with each other.

The experiment involved three components: a chatbot program, text-to-speech synthesis, and animated avatars to represent each chatbot.

For example, if a user typed “My head hurts,” it might respond, “Why do you say your head hurts?

” “The problem with Eliza was that it had no memory of things that had been typed during a conversation, so it often ended up in a loop of identical questions and replies,” Labutov explains.

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