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“There you go,” she handed him the huge pile of stuff, “lucky for you I had some clothes left from when my brother crashed here last month.” “Thank you, Miss Marsh,” he said, feeling relieved he wouldn’t have to spend the night in her apartment in his boxers.

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Now she was intrigued- an interesting idea crossed her mind and she was always one ready to follow an interesting idea.She walked past the living room and froze on the spot. His eyes flew open in horror and his face turned pale, he jumped to his legs and clumsily fumbled to get his boxers and sweats on over his still rigid cock.The sight that met her eyes was young Paul lying on the couch, eyes closed, head thrown back in ecstasy as he stroked himself faster and faster. “I’m so sorry, Miss Marsh,” he mumbled looking down, wishing the floor would just swallow him whole.She woke up because her bladder was driving her nuts.She quietly went to the bathroom and then thought that she might as well get a glass of water from the kitchen because she was thirsty.

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