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Animals were used for food and clothing and every part of the animal was used.They never killed anything they did not intend on fully using (The Northwest Shoshone, 2015).Family is an important part of the Shoshone values.They not only live with their immediate family but with their extended families as well, including aunts, uncles, and grandparents.The largest of these groups settled in the Snake River Valley in Idaho, sometimes being referred to as the “Snake Indians”.

These three groups occupied parts of California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho.

The Shoshone people now live on several reservations throughout the states of Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. They are waiting to be formally recognized by the U. There is a great deal of focus put into the supernatural world.

The Shoshone Indians believe that supernatural powers are acquired through vision quests and dreams.

During the quest, the youth or adult man is left in a lonely place to fast and pray.

The powers bestowed on each man are characteristics of the animal in which the spirit took its form.

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