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Verbal decency restricted any open expressions of desire for women and public discussions of sexuality remained within confined religious prescriptions.Such restrictions back-lashed in form of a culture of indecent language and verbal abuse using male and female genitals that still persists today as evident by Iranian on-line chat rooms that are full of such language.

Before then, religion and tradition governed all such relationships and there was no question of males and females openly dating or socializing with such intentions.

Sexuality of women was identified to be the same as 'public moral' and severe punishments were applied to women violating the expected behavior with honor killings, and stoning to death, the prescribed Islamic punishment for adultery.

Naser Khosro (11th century) and Ibn Batuteh (14th century) in their travelling accounts describe restrictions imposed on women and violent punishments expecting them.

Females on the other hand became isolated, insecure, and forced to accept their inferior position as part of the natural order.

Segregation was imposed by using extreme force and by creating codes of behavior and ethical values that stressed the virtuosity of obedience, loyalty, veiling and segregation.

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