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The state had an easier time than expected in making such a complex case because Reid's ex-wife and sons sued Baptist Hospital for malpractice.They were able to get the normal statute of limitations for wrongful death thrown out because they were able to prove that Blanche, as executor of Raymond Reid's estate, should have been the person to find out about the toxicology screen.After Moore had begun her relationship with Reid, Taylor died. After her husband's death in 1971, the two began dating publicly. There are indications that she began to date Kevin Denton, the regional manager for the Triad area; however, that relationship ended, and Moore filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Denton and Kroger in October 1985. However, she had to hide her relationship with Rev.Denton was forced to resign, and Kroger settled the case out of court two years later for 5,000. Moore because her lawsuit against Kroger maintained that she was "completely alienated and antagonistic towards men and has not been able to maintain any meaningful social contacts with the opposite sex." While she was dating Rev.Additionally, it emerged Moore had still been sleeping with Reid around the same time she began dating Dwight Moore.Blanche also had Dwight's hair cut in an attempt to prevent hair samples from being obtained by the SBI, but pubic hair samples were used instead.He somehow survived the ingestion of large amount of poison over a week’s time.The police became suspicious of Moore, and asked that the bodies of Moore's former boyfriend, Raymond Reid, and James N.

Kiser died in 1966, and the cause was reported to be a "heart attack".

Taylor, her first husband, who died 1973, be exhumed. Kiser, also died of symptoms similar to those that occur with arsenic poisoning.

It was determined that both men died of arsenic poisoning. Moore was convicted for the murder of her boyfriend, Raymond Reid and received the death penalty.

In Dwight Moore's case, doctors had recognized the signs of arsenic poisoning early on, making it more difficult to find out who was poisoning him.

Trial, conviction and sentence The trial opened in Winston-Salem on October 21, 1990. However, the state introduced fifty-three witnesses who testified about her daily trips to the hospital, bearing food.

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