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Jahrbuch für Kleinasiatische Forschung 3 (1): 147-167.

103: an interpretation of vjeherr ‘father-in-law’ from *sweskuro-.] Pisani, Vittore. Lexikalische Beziehungen des Albanesischen zu den anderen Indogermanischen Sprachen.

In Christianity and Mankind, Their Beginning and Prospects, by Christian C.

72-75: “The Words for Family Relations.”] HAVE Augustins, Georges.

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[Includes laryngeal reconstructions of IE kin terms (itemized by language).] Beekes, Robert S.

Parentela ed Identità Etnica: Consanguineità e Scambi Matrimoniali in una Comunità Italo-Albanese.

Contributi alla Conoscenza del Dialetto Ghego di Borgo Erizzo Presso Zara.

Famille, Société et Identité Collective en Albanie du Sud.

La vierge jurée, l’héritière et le gendre à la maison.

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