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Beyond these marriage-related SSI benefit and asset restrictions, eligibility for SSI in most states means eligibility for Medicaid.Medicaid covers services not covered by other health insurance plans such as a personal care aid, certain durable medical equipment, medications, and transportation to medical appointments. We fall in love and want to make a commitment to the person that we love and become a family. Yet, too many people with disabilities must choose between getting married and continuing to receive the benefits they need to live from federal programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.Too many have to struggle with this choice because of "marriage penalties." SSI is a needs-based federal program that helps people with disabilities (as well as people who are elderly) who have little or no income.

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Some disabilities have tremendous care involved, which can be financially straining.Without the Medicaid loss, my spouse would have probably taken care of all of the above and more instead of the government.People with disabilities on Medicaid who get married and cannot stay on Medicaid do save the Medicaid program some money, but they cost other government programs more.The Medicaid Marriage Penalty is misdirected and wrong because it prevents many people with disabilities from getting married or even staying married.People with disabilities deserve to be able to get married to the one they love.

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