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Where to spot a king or q Where to spot a ringer Where to spot spots Where to start playing an Where to stick vertical gun cover? It might well contain a catch Where to sign a credit ca Where to spend a balboa Where to spend a kip Where to spend birr Where to spend dirhams Where to spend kips Where to spend kroons Where to spend rupees Where to spend time with Where to split hairs? Where Joe gets a six-pack Where John Candy made his Where John Mc Cain was sho Where John Rolfe married Where John Wooden coached Where Jonny Moseley won a Where Julio Iglesias was Where K-I-S-S-I-N-G happe Where Kampala is Where Key's bombs burst Where kids get creative i Where kids struggled with mutton chops? Where Merlin is imprisone Where Mimmsie Starr got p Where Mindy honeymooned Where Mindy honeymooned, Where Mindy's TV friend c Where Minos reigned Where Minos ruled Where Mocha is Where moles may try to di Where moles might be foun Where money is made Where Monferrato wine com Where Montego Bay is Where Montgomery turned b Where Montreal is Where more than one rider is seen in A & EWhere Mork and Mindy hone Where Moses got the Ten CWhere Moses got the word Where Moses received the Where most of Russia is Where Mosul is Where Mount Fuji is Where Mount Hood is Where Mount Tabor is Where mountain climbers t Where movies are made Where Mt. Where oil may often be fo Where oils are produced Where oils may be produce Where Olaf I or Olaf II s Where old conservationist was keeping department ignorant Where old nations reassembled to act without reserve Where Oliver Hazard Perry Where on parle fran Where one becomes finally Where one can get the sha Where one can retire youn Where one can see lots of you in motion Where one could be captivated by Callas possibly Where one could be confined incorporates ostentatious small building Where one goes to pick up the last of 26 NYC taxis? Kirk was b Where Jap Where Japan is Where Japanese shares are Where Japanese trade shar Where Jean-Claude Killy p Where Jehu ruled Where Jekyll became Hyde Where jetsam goes Where jetsam may be throw Where jetsam may go Where Jimmy Carter taught Where Joan of Arc died Where Jodie lives? Where many a story starts Where many a veteran has Where many allowances com Where many American pione Where many an island is f Where many barrels are se Where many beads are form Where many changes take p Where many commuters live Where many cultures thriv Where many Goyas hang Where many heads are put Where many Indians live Where many jokes are set Where many lines are drop Where many lives are expe Where many memos land Where many pens are found Where many people fall as Where many people may lie Where many prints may be Where many smiles are see Where many songs are hear Where many students click Where many surfers shop Where many vets served Where many vins come from Where Maracana Stadium is Where marathoner Grete Wa Where Marco Polo explored Where Marco Polo traveled Where Marion Jones won go Where Marion Jones won th Where Mark Twain is burie Where marmots and chamois Where Marseille is, en Fr Where matches are booked Where mates are commonly Where Mays wrapped up his Where meals are made Where Melville's Billy Bu Where member held vacant seat, nun and padre distraught Where Memphis is: Abbr. Where nitpickers walk on Where Nixon went to law s Where no one has any busi Where no progress can be made Where Noah landed Where Nome is Where Nome is home Where nothing is wrong Where nudes may be sketch Where Obama was born Where officers eat pickle? Where Leon Trotsky grew u Where Leonardo was born Where les le Where les yeux are Where lieutenants are tra Where life is exciting? Where overreachers go Where oysters hang out Where oysters sleep? Where lederhosen are worn Where legislators pass th Where lemons are picked? Where one might see "OMG"Where one might see a number in pool being vigilant Where one might see air aflutter with eagle's wings Where one might take off Where one might well end up introducing quantifier into Anglican year Where one might write saying you are in lover's embrace Where one would go to get food for native Where one's body may be w Where one's going with halves of tuna exchanged - that's poverty Where one's head is Where one's vision is obstructed Where opposite sides meet Where ordinary folks play Where organised crime penetrated society that rejected drink Where organs may be repai Where originally found Where Orvieto can be foun Where Oskar Schindler is Where Ottawa is: Abbr. R." or "EWhere to see "Monday Nigh Where to see "The Last Su Where to see 20th Century Where to see 21s of film star's bottom Where to see a camel Where to see a Constable Where to see a crown Where to see a hula Where to see a mummy: Abb Where to see a round of s Where to see a Sonora sun Where to see Alain Delon Where to see an advert Where to see an El Greco Where to see batter rise Where to see Ben Franklin Where to see elephants an Where to see kites Where to see le soleil Where to see shooting sta Where to see some clowns Where to see some of 32-DWhere to see spots Where to see The A-Team in colour, originally getting thrashed Where to see the writing Where to see Turners and Where to see working models?

Where Haiku is Where hailing isn't neces Where hair roots grow Where Hamlet cogitated Where Hampshire College i Where hands go continuously Where hangings are witnes Where hangings still take place in London Where Hansel was headed Where Harry learnt to lose weight - hard for society artist Where hash is "slung"Where Hausa and Djerma ar Where Hawkeye served Where Hawthorne wrote "Th Where head is seen, old boy leads part of hymn Where heads are put toget Where hearts may be opene Where Hemingway wrote "A Where hens sit Where Hephaestus worked, Where Hercules slew a lio Where Hercules slew the l Where hermit painters ret Where heroes may be found Where Hickam Air Force Ba Where hip-hop was born, w Where hogs mourn?

Where Loews is "L"Where Logan is Where London is: Abbr. Where parents pull over t Where pastrami may be put Where Patrick Ewing was b Where Patroclus met his e Where Paul and Silas were Where Paul stays when per Where peacekeepers send their reserves, based on dodgy evidence?

Where life is hectic Where life jackets may be Where Lima is Where liners go Where loafers should really be standing Where locks are changed? Where pa took his boy for Where Pago Pago is Where Pago-Pago is Where palmist takes reading without warning Where Panasonic and Sanyo Where Panasonic is headqu Where pants cuffs usually Where pants may be worn Where pants may have a ho Where papers accumulate o Where papers may sit Where Paradise is: Abbr.

Where Sim Where Singaraja is Where singer Billy Ocean Where singer may be held by Charlie Parker, US musician Where singles congregate Where Sir Arthur Evans ex Where skates glide Where Skype was invented Where sledders start Where sleeves come from Where Slyne Head is Where smart shoppers shop Where snot runs, having contracted bug? Liberty pl Where the NEAR space prob Where the Nobel Peace Pri Where the North Slope slo Where the Northern Lights Where the nuevo sol is sp Where the Ob and Indus fl Where the outboard motor Where the owl and the pus Where the Paran Where the patella is Where the Peacock Throne Where the Pok Where the President went Where the President works Where the Raptors play Where the Reds and the Br Where the Reuss River ori Where the Rhone and the SWhere the right word is, Where the Riksdag meets Where the Ringling Brothe Where the robed are rubbe Where the Rub' al-Khali i Where the Sa Where the Salmon River ri Where the San Andreas Fau Where the sea meets the shore Where the Seine flows Where the Senegal River b Where the shilling is mon Where the show must go on Where the smart set sat [Where the so-called "Roof Where the stars might be Where the Storting meets Where the Storting parlia Where the Storting sits Where the striker stands for more pay Where the Styx flows Where the successful go Where the Tagus flows Where the Tajo and Ebro f Where the Talmud is studi Where the Tombigbee flows Where the top begins to g Where the traitorous Vidk Where the U. Where to find teachers an Where to find the colors Where to find the diving Where to find the heading Where to find the Major AWhere to find the Mercury Where to find the origins of all foolish racists in Canada and America! : Where to find Washington Where to find whisky shots Where to find work? Where to get a drink with vermouth, overlooking yard setting Where to get a fast buck? commi Where to get a Pisa pizza Where to get a shiny body Where to get a taxi Where to get better meal?

Where Shah Jahan is entom Where Shannon Miller won Where sharks are in their Where sharks prowl Where sheep graze Where Sherlock Holmes "di Where shingles go Where ships come in Where ships dock Where ships go Where ships may be refitted to cut off three feet Where shootings occur Where shopping carts are Where shorts may be manuf Where Shoshone Falls fall Where should I put the ball for kick-off? Where shrimp take a dip Where Sicilians are provided with one motive Where Sikkim is Where silence reigns? Where to find monks with purpose Where to find Nancy Where to find Pennsylvani Where to find pitchers? Where to find porters Where to find some soluti Where to find stalactites Where to find sweaters?

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