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In the context of the recent creation of the birth control pill, the Pope warned that if contraception were to be made popular there would be many deleterious consequences.

Only a few years later the contraception mentality did begin to permeate society, separating sexual intimacy from procreation and from marriage.

Since the media and academia are most deeply stuck in the quagmire, individuals must rebel by being counter-cultural – willing to accept the ridicule and alienation that may come from it.

Like any great movement in history, it will take courage and perseverance.

This new American ritual of premarital “relationships” has become the societal norm – parents have accepted it, schools have encouraged it, and it has been left virtually unquestioned – until recently.

In recent years a backlash has been observed in books such as, “I Kissed Dating Good-bye”, and through organizations such as “Love & Fidelity Network” and “Pure in Heart.” They have challenged the status quo, pointing out that today’s dating and relationship patterns are the perfect recipe for divorce.

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The future of the family and society, as well as everyone’s innate goal of happiness, depends on it.

intervju eller behöver gå till jobbet varje dag, hur kan bröllopsklänningar onlinebutik för att bygga en snabb och professionell balklänningar?

Last month in this column we mentioned that the distortion of adding same sex partners to the definition of marriage was not nearly as shocking to society as the separation of sex from marriage had been.

When Elvis shocked the nation live on the Ed Sullivan Show by rotating his hips to music (the cameras would only show him from the waist up), the unquestioned norm of society was that sexual activity was to be reserved for marriage.

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