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Just as important, women have made enough inroads into positions of power in the press, corporations, Congress, and Hollywood that they no longer have to play along with the boys’ club; instead they can, say, lead the charge to force Al Franken’s resignation or break the story on Harvey Weinstein.The result of all these changes is what social scientists call a norms cascade: a series of long-term trends that produce a sudden shift in social mores. The work environment now is much different from what it was a year ago.She followed it with the book (Oxford University Press, 2000).Her widely read reports, such as “The Three Faces of Work-Family Conflict” (coauthored with Heather Boushey), have influenced policy makers, the press, and activists. Norton, 2003), winner of the Francis Parkman Prize.The recent summary dismissals of high-powered executives and celebrities have triggered worries that any man might be accused and ruined.

Seven percent of women and less than 1% of men reported being bribed or threatened with workplace consequences if they did not engage in sexual behavior.“Sexual assault was an issue that had touched my family,” said Farrow, who noted that this experience was instrumental in driving his reporting.To repeat: This is not a fight between men and women.In “You Can’t Change What You Can’t See: Interrupting Racial & Gender Bias in the Legal Profession,” a forthcoming study of lawyers conducted by the Center for Work Life Law (which Joan directs) for the American Bar Association, researchers found sexual harassment to be pervasive.Eighty-two percent of women and 74% of men reported hearing sexist comments at work.

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