Shia la boeuf dating

La Beouf did not have much money growing up, and the family’s financial situation worsened after his father developed a substance abuse problem and left the family for a time.Tired of struggling, La Beouf met a child actor who received a nice payday from doing a guest spot on a television series.From performing around his neighbourhood in Echo Park to scoring gigs in stand-up comedy clubs at the age of 10, Shia gradually honed his craft.He even got himself a manager off the Yellow Pages by pretending to be his own manager.Shia La Beouf started to perform comedy for his family members, mimicking his father.

His parents struggled to make ends meet but eventually separated largely due to financial reasons.

Most notably as a dancer and ballerina and then later as a clothing jewellery designer and visual artist.

His father, Jeffery Craig La Beouf had the same multi-functionality trait and was a Vietnam war veteran.

You’ll also see a Chevy Silverado truck and a Ford F-150 monster.

Raised in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park, he started performing in a street act with his parents when he was a toddler.

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