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Sian Astil (often known as "Siandragon") is a hermaphroditic dragon who identifies fully as female.

She closely resembles Sian Silverhair; however it should be noted that she is taller (roughly 5'8") and she weighs considerably less (roughly 180 lbs.).

Sian has been enjoying the Internet since 1996 under various names, but she did not discover the fandom until 2003. Sian was very involved in VCL Horrors during the height of its popularity.

As such, Sian (and to a lesser extent, "Danji") has successfully "outed" Exodite as one user of the Big Bad Mod account.

She would like to stress the point that she has had no involvement in the mass community deletion, though a select group of people tried to use her as a scapegoat.

Lop-ear, however, isn’t dead; he tells Silverhair of the existence of elephants, so perhaps their species might survive.

An improbable yarn, stuffed with mammoth facts and lore, that’s both absorbing and sometimes affecting.

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