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Being a petite woman, I’ve always had a thing for guys that are taller than me and, even better, athletically built. As soon as our eyes met on the dance floor I felt my pussy get wet and I knew I had to have him.He made his way over to me and we danced a bit, rubbing our bodies up against each other.

The photographers choose some great, exotic locations to get their girls naked in and are fond of using bright, happy colours.

This is more simulated sex stuff than it is true hardcore porn as theirs no penetration but shes does give a blowjob and have her pussy licked. Shave Asian is one of three websites in the Asia Nude4u family of photographers and models, this of course with a shaved pussy twist.

With the shaving of the genitalia area being less common with women in Asia it is kind of a fresh twist.

Some guys tried to worm their way into our group to dance with us, but they were quickly shot down.

We had been on the floor for nearly an hour before I spotted the guy that I knew I wanted.

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