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If the rail is 56 lb/yard, then the total rail weight is about 175 thousand tons (about a hundred tons of rail per mile).

To this you would need to add the weight of about 5,500 spikes and 1,408 bolts per mile, 900 tons of iron used in the construction of the Sierra snow sheds, plates, switches and sidings, iron hardware used in constructing wooden trestle bridges, 20-40 ton locomotives, cars, etc.

The CP's engines ranged in weight from 56,000 to 77,450 at the heaviest and they would average out at about 62-65,000 lbs.

The UPRR's engines were a little heavier, ranging from 54,500 to 93,300 lbs for an approximate average of about 75,000 lbs.

Other sources speak of "fifty-ton locomotives" and "two or three tons of spikes and fish plates" per mile.

For locomotive numbers and weights, also see the multi-page CPRR and UPRR locomotive lists.

rails, equal to 3,384,360 pounds.' but when he weighed those rails ' ...

they weigh 3,355,170 pounds-which is 29,190 pounds less than your invoice ...' ...

If your state / province / country isn't listed, then we don't yet have any poly-friendly professionals listed there in this category.One hundred tons per mile included the main line and all the side track, incidental uses and waste.Using that method of measurement the Central Pacific railroads 690 miles of track would have been approximately 69,000 (metric tons 2240#) tons of rail.I cannot give any estimates on the trestles or the many bridges, some of which wereover a thousandfeet long; and then there was the lining and shoring inside the tunnels.Both railroads constructed hundreds, if not thousandsof buildings, most of them were huge in size, Depots, Warehouses, buildings for housing employees stationed along the lineand the like.

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