Single woman dating man children

In earning their trust, you will be amazed at the joy and love that becomes a bi-product.

I could not imagine my life without these two little ladies in it and I hope I won't have to.

Ever wonder why ex-wives flip out when their ex-husbands remarry, even though they have no interest in the ex-husband? They feel threatened that the new couple will have children together, and that the man’s resources will have to be shared, or be taken away from their own child (genetic legacy).

Guys who get involved with a single mom and believe for one second that they are going to be the priority in the woman's life are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Of course you can be important to her but if she makes you the priority over her children, she is probably not the caliber woman you want to settle down with.

We opted not to have children since I was deployed so often.

I just didn't find it fair to leave my wife and child so often.

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