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I exercise regularly, love the outdoors and am always up for a new adventure.I haver a vast array of interests and am always game to try ...please email thanks Looking For Friends I am a single woman, and with most of my friends attached, and taking care of their families, they dont have much time to get out and do activities.So l thought why not look for other women who are ...I have trouble even meeting someone let alone talk about compatibility.Is the struggle really that real or it's super easy for everyone else?Where are the guys just with a kind-heart and is a good person hiding!?!?

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Looking for bearded friends So I would like to meet up and hang out with a single bearded ex-military or engineer, doomsday prepper, who may or may not also be a cannabis grower and smoker, with land we can fortify and live on ... :) Hello :) I am a young single mom looking for female friends in the Ottawa area.And in that case, many are here temporarily on assignment. You arent entitled to anything, and despite all your nice guy talk, you're not one. Just remember, if everyone around you is an asshole, the asshole is probably you.As many have advised below, breaking out from the work relationships is the best thing to do. Your view of women based on your comments shows alot of loathing for the fairer sex. I'm a guy in my early 30s and have been single for about half a year after being in a commited relationship for years. Trying to meet new people in Ottawa has definitely been a learning process.Looking for foodies I'm a 27 year old single male ...not looking for relationship there all lies anyway Looking for someone who just want to kick it male or female ..

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