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Kody joins the women to look at wedding cakes and possible reception locations.

They live in a ranch-style home that, although interconnected, is subdivided into three separate apartments that give each wife her own bedroom, kitchen and living space.Later, he proposes having another child through in vitro fertilisation, but she turns down the idea as she is only interested in natural childbirth.As Robyn's wedding to Kody approaches, he and the other sister wives clash over whether Robyn is entitled to as much time with Kody as they are: Robyn and Janelle feel as fiancee, she is entitled to equal time with Kody, while Meri and Christine feel she is not until they are married.Since Kody and Robyn are only engaged, she cannot yet live in the house with the rest of his family.Although ultimately supportive of the idea of the new union, Meri, Janelle and Christine continue to experience conflicted feelings about the change it will bring to the family.

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