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The wound was shallow, did not create a gaping wound, did not cut important subcutaneous structures, but did create a route to the exterior through which blood from Stab A, then created by the large knife on Meredith’s left side could also exit to Meredith’s right side. And globally Italy matters MORE than the US to the enhancing of justice worldwide. [WTBH cont] The more the confusion grew, the more I lost the sense of time. I was probably just reading the first paragraph of what I had to read, when these policemen came to sit near me, to ask me to help them by telling them who had ever entered in our house. By Peter Quennell on the post 'Single-Attacker/Lone-Wolf Hoax #1: How It Is Annihilated By The Forensic Evidence'.The large knife had damaged no significant vessels of the Left-Side. It wasn’t until I got out of the shower that I noticed a reddish-brown splotch about the size of an orange on the bathmat. Could Meredith have started her period and dripped? [Comments] So seeing blood in your bathroom is no biggie? This post describes how the gobal justice bodies are organized. So I told them, okay, well there was this girlfriend of mine and they said no no no, they only wanted to know about men. You know who killed Meredith.” In that instant, I snapped. Perhaps this might help our English readers to swallow their bitter loss in the World…In particular for documentation and translation reasons, that series took us three years.In contrast, this series nailing the Single-Attacker/Lone-Wolf Hoax and its many associated hoaxes (about the crime-scene, about Guede, etc) should take just a few weeks as the evidence against has been massive and stark all along.There were 2 major, penetrating knife-wounds into Meredith’s neck; one entering on the left-side, and one entering on the right-side, which was made by a pocket-knife of the size Sollecito customarily carried. And that Knox’s status along with that of many others was a simple “person with possible useful information”. Not one, including the Supreme Court, accepted Knox’s version or Steve Moore’s.

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Meredith‘s torture & murder was perpetrated by 3 people, took place in her room at ‘Number 7, Via della Pergola.’ in Perugia, Umbria, Italy on the night of November 1-2, 2007. 17 Click for Post: Trashing Of Italian Justice To Bend Trial Outcomes And How The Republic Pushes Back 18 Click for Post: With Sollecito’s First Plea For Mitigation Seen As A Flop, His Behavior Seems Extremely Suspect 19 Click for Post: Being Reported: Significant Developments In The Sollecito Crime Family 20 Click for Post: “Americans Are Paying Knox ,000 A Gig To Trash Italian Cops - Smart Move Liberating Her” International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences, Siracusa We have long observed that Italy cooperates in numerous ways with other nations, especially the US.There was always triplication of key material between PMF, TJMK, and the still-growing Wiki.Judge Micheli in 2008 first ruled impossible Guede did crime alone Our Interrogation Hoax Series currently rests with the posts here and here.Non-medical translations into English call that structure the Upper Thyroid Artery. Details of the Fatal Sequence have been somewhat masked, over the years for humanitarian considerations (key parts of the trial were closed to the press), but such details should be available to readers who wish to more-objectively assess culpability. To nail this hoax that Moore has propagated hardest, one of our truth promoters (we are not sure who) has kindly put together this timeline for Knox at the Questura the first week. We know more of the four session timings, and precisely what was discussed, and precisely who were the few investigators that were present at each of the four.In my opinion the most decisive fact excluding the single attacker theory is the fact that 2 different knives unquestionably were used to murder Meredith on the night. And at trial (long before Moore wrote) she confirmed she was given refreshments, and treated well. And that Knox signed every page of the record of all four sessions, so every one of those quite short discussions of leads WAS recorded.

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    The amount of 14C present and the known rate of decay of 14C and the equilibrium value gives the length of time elapsed since the death of the organism.