Software restore iphone without updating

Firmware are chips which act like hardware but their code is adaptable.

And that’s what happens when the manufacturer updates the capabilities of the device, as part of the package you get software but you also get firmware.

Replacing or refreshing the firmware can sometimes fix major problems with your i Phone or other i OS device.

But what is IPSW and how can you use IPSW to fix your i Phone without getting i Tunes involved?

That tool you need is i My Fone i OS system recovery that stands out for its ability to help you fix i OS issues on your device by restoring firmware (i OS 11.4 included) without i Tunes and also without data loss.Software updates always come with the potential risk of data loss if an error occurs during the updating process.The i Phone provides a way to preserve your data by creating a backup on your computer.Well simply put, software is the operating system which runs the device and hardware is the chips that the OS runs on.But there is another layer in most devices and that is firmware, partway between hardware and software there is firmware, neither hard nor soft.

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