Sonicwall sonicpoint n not updating firmware

Seeing as how we have a Sonic Wall NSA2400 I thought that the setup would be simple and it would be just like any Cisco product where I configure a few settings and plug it in and BAM! The thing is though, I have a connection, it works, but the AP will reboot once every 10 to 15 minutes. I assume I have the newest firmware, sw_spn_eng_6.0.0.3_1sig on the Sonic Point-NE and Sonic OS Enhanced on the NSA2400. As of right now, I haven't tried the second one, just been trying to get one working properly. I didn't even think that the constant rebooting could be a hardware issue...Sonic Wall wants something rediculous that my company is not willing to pay for tech support, and the internet is turning up few leads on the issue. I've been in your shoes many times (Not with the particular product) here are some suggestions that may help. sometimes devices reset their logs on reboot leaving no evidence of the state before reboot.Dynamic Support is available during normal business hours 8x5 or year round 24x7, depending on your needs.Available in one-, two- and three-year agreements, Sonic WALL Dynamic Support services include: Silver Support 24x7 and Dynamic Support 24x7 provide for direct technical assistance 24 hours a day 365 days a year, while Silver 8x5 Support and Standard Support (8x5) provide for direct technical assistance during local business hours am – pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.With Gold Support, customers have around-the-clock access to seasoned support engineers at a Sonic WALL Enterprise TAC plus the latest firmware features and Advance Exchange hardware replacement, all of which combine to protect and maximize their Sonic WALL investment Sonic WALL E-Class Support 24x7 is designed for customers with Sonic WALL E-Class solutions.Available 24x7, E-Class Support delivers the enterprise-class support features and quality of service that enterprise companies require to keep their networks running smoothly and efficiently.On Monday, a critical vulnerability in the WPA2 wireless security protocol was published by Dutch researchers.

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Exclusive to NSA 5600, NSA 6600 and Super Massive 9000 Series Next-Generation Firewalls, Gold Support provides the advanced support features enterprise organizations need to keep their networks running reliably and securely.

Sonic WALL Global Support Services are designed not only to keep your security infrastructure current, but also to react swiftly to any problem that may occur.

However, that’s not enough to keep your network safe these days, so our support services also include crucial updates and upgrades, the finest technical support, access to extensive electronic tools and timely hardware replacement.

Regardless of your support contract, Sonic WALL provides a wealth of online technical information.

It’s a good idea to review this information prior to requesting support as you may find your issue easily resolved.

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