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I'm no stranger to Sophos, actually run their Free virus scanner monthly on my Windows computers, and if one has a spare PC with a Intel Core Duo 2.0 or better, they offer a Linux based OS at no charge to turn that computer into a powerful standalone hardware Firewall, great for parental & guest control over one's network, in addition to the other benefits of a dedicated Firewall appliance.The only component needed is an Ethernet outbound card (PCI/PCIe), to plug a router into, of which there's some older Intel models on e Bay for or so.Yes, it has to be in the Downloads folder of whatever distro that's running, not in any sub-folders, I made this mistake the first time with VMware Player.There's sub-folders created in Downloads & Documents for much anything I need, only these needs to be in the main Downloads folder.After installing, these can be moved to wherever desired.

It has both a CLI and (limited) web-GUI, an easy to use installer, it's FREE, and can be used for manual or automatic protection.

Many enterprise and business computers were hit b the bug, creating reports to administrators reporting the program as SSH/Updater-B malware.

reports that administrators were bombarded with emails and alerts about the non-existent problem, which has since been fixed.

i will be happy to move this to the proper forum if i knew what that was - seems I am running around in circles- confused!

@paul88ks I forget which distro and browser you are using, but these steps use the Tar program, and assume the tar archive is saved to your user folder.

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