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However your router will drop this entry after a couple of minutes so if an incoming call comes in it will be blocked .You need to keep refreshing the entry in the nat table which you are doing with nat refresh= 20 secs. (pfsence was the closest I could find on the list). Still have the same trouble: I can phone mobiles no problem but local calls phone and connect but just dead at each end although the screen says connected by Vo IP!!!!?? You could also download a free copy of the softphone Phoner Lite to you pc. My Password Manager (Roboform) kept refilling the iinet password with the password I set for the Gigaset webpage.I can only guess that it may be going to the proxy server addr you are using. Says I need a duplex sound card to use this software. Equally surprising is the fact that HD is not available when an A58H is paired with the new C530IP, although the handset itself is HD capable.I have 1 A58H and 3 C47H handsets and wanted to find out if they were compatible with the new C530IP (including HD), which Maxotel has on special for a couple of days.

Note that some installers pack bloatware, useless adware that’s pre-selected to install. Thus, Unchecky should be the very first app from this list you should install because it can help you catch checkboxes that commit you to downloading and installing bundled apps you don’t need. Installing several antivirus tools on the same computer can potentially cause issues, to the point where they lock your computer up.If needed you should change it to another value or better dont port forward . I was receiving but could not send because I had the wrong outbound proxy. I will now disable the port forwarding and see what happens!iinet needs different settings to the usual vsp and I think that Proxy server should be your qld one and use outbound proxy with the qld addr also. EDIT: Without Port Forward TCP 5060 my Gigaset does not work!! What happens when the gigaset registers and passes the pkt thru your router is the router sets up a nat table so that an incoming response from your vsp will get directed back to the gigaset and no port forwarding is needed.Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn’t know existed.We’re continuously seeking out the best Windows software for all your needs.

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