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Basically, utrace implements a framework for controlling user-space tasks.It provides an interface that can be used by various tracing places in the Kernel, this allows for great leeway in the kinds of processing the functions can do.Thus, System Tap lets you use both Kernel- and user-space probes to debug the behavior of the whole system.To get the required utrace infrastructure and the uprobes Kernel module for user-space probing, you need to install the package in addition to the packages listed in Section 5.2, Installation and Setup.Jackson then told his security detail that she was his guest, so she got to watch the third show from a raised VIP platform, seated right next to Jackson's mother, Katherine.For debugging user-space applications (like DTrace can do), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 supports user-space probing with System Tap: Custom probe points can be inserted in any user-space application.System Tap includes support for probing the entry into and return from a function in user-space processes, probing predefined markers in user-space code, and monitoring user-process events.Systemtap allows event tracing of programs when they have static probes inserted.

Pass 3: using cached /root/.systemtap/cache/5a/stap_5a80297603ac4434b77b22e6f4127f00_5903.c Pass 4: using cached /root/.systemtap/cache/5a/stap_5a80297603ac4434b77b22e6f4127f00_5903Pass 5: starting run.

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Various events can be watched via utrace, for example, system call entry and exit, fork(), signals being sent to the task, etc.

More details about the utrace infrastructure are available at

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