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His second book, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge takes us to the inner circle of the secret cabal that runs governments, secret space programs and high tech black projects.

A third book has just been released titled, Contact - Countdown to Transformation. Greer and the CSETI team of "Ambassadors to the Universe" chronicle the amazing Contacts they have had since 1992.

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Here are instructions for downloading the files using various Web browsers: Instructions for Downloading MP3 Files download mp3 My guest tonight is JOHN HOGUE.

We explore where humanity is "at" regarding the Dark and Light forces.

A few topics touched upon include the mass die-off of animals globally, electromagnetic Pole Shift, connecting with the Universal Self and empowering the Divine Feminine.

Food shortages and superinflation coming, and he mentioned the "space wars" which he's witnessed personally.

Her book is a spiritual odyssey that will blow your mind. STEVEN GREER hardly needs an introduction, as head of the Disclosure Project, the Orion Project and author of three books.To subscribe freely to her daily update, click on link below: download mp3 CLIF HIGH returned for another outstanding peek into our shared future, being created "hot off the presses".Some of the topics included global revolution, the coming fall of the old paradigms, how vibrations might work to allow beings to be in the same space, but unseen by our limited array.He segues into the vast astrological shifts and alignmemts, adding intuitive and oracular wisdom from Nostradamus, regarding whom the Anti-Christ represents, and the four people who might fulfill the prophecy of MABUS.This is a fascinating journey into the heart of a mystic, describing the nature of a true Master.

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