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Field Marshal and the commander of the Russian army of the Danube in the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878] Duke Konstantin Friedrich Peter Georgievich von Holstein-Gottorp of Oldenburg was the grandfather of Duke Peter Alexandrovich of Oldenburg as well as grandfather of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich, General of the Imperial Russian Army during World War I. 1868), younger daughter of Prince Tarieli Taia Dadiani, by his second wife, Princess Agrafina Countess von Zarnekau, daughter of Prince Konstantini Japaridze. 1855, nee Agrippina Constantines Japaridze, and Ivan Japaridze's parents were Constantine and Melania Japaridze; named father Constantine died 1860]. In 1862-1882 he was the general-governor of the Caucasus. Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich had son Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich - Sandro / Sasho who was a key figure in the development of the Russian air force; Alexander Mikhailovich (Sandro), b. Alexander Mikhailovich (Sandro): Chief of the Commercial navigation and ports (1902-1905), during the First World war was in charge of the aviation in the army: paid much attention to the development of aviation industry in Russia [Duflon and Konstantynowicz Company], on his initiative, established flight schools, began preparing the first national flight training and 1914 appointed head of the organization of aviation business in the armies.

Konstantin Friedrich Peter Oldenburg or Constantine Petrovich of Oldenburg began a flirtation with Agrippina; Agrippina's husband, Prince Tariel 'Daniel' Dadiani, was one of the officers under Duke Constantine's command; Dadiani were a branch of the Bagrationi Dynasty; Agrippina was Tariel Dadiani's second wife but Agrippina in 1882 divorced Dadiani. Ivan Iaparidze was the son of Constantine Japaridze / Constantin Japaridze (Ivan b. Receiving education at home in Georgia, Alexander Mikhailovich (Sandro) often went for long voyages: 1886 - 1889 made a voyage round the world on the corvette 'Rynda' and in 1890 - 91, at his own yacht 'Tamara' traveled to India, described in his journals.

1882, Constantine entered into a morganatic marriage with Agrippina Japaridze; by the early 1890s, they were doing business in Odessa and Alexandrovsk (Zaporozhe). Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia was partner of Countess Olga Kalinowska [see Trubecki, Konstantynowicz, Oginski and Wola Pszczolecka] but she happened to be the mistress of Tsarevitch Alexander, the son of Tsar Nicholas I.

Olga was pregnant by either the Tsarevitch or his father Nicholas I.

Alexander [son of Bakar] or Aleksandr Bakarovich Gruzinsky, born 1726 died 1791, was a Russian-born Georgian prince of the Mukhrani branch of the Bagrationi royal dynasty. Alexander was married to Princess Daria Aleksandrovna nee Menshikov, d.1817.

The Polish origin had the actual commander-in-chief of the 1877/1878 Army, the Chief of Staff, General Artur Niepokojczycki and his deputy, General Karol Lewicki, and two leaders of the Bulgarian uprising, dictator and commander-in-chief - Stanislaw St Clair, and major Ludwik Wojtkiewicz.

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The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence. His older brothers were Tsar Alexander II and Grand Duke of Russia, Konstanty Mikolajewicz.

Von Gernet (Gern), Croy (Krey), Weiss, Toll, Rehbinder / Rebinder, Steinberg - the Baltic German nobility from Estland / Estonia, Livland / Latvia and St Petersburg in Russia of the 19th century. 1899 were starting experiments on radio in Russian War Department.

Tallinn/ Reval, Nomme, Harku, Saku, ksnurme, Lehhola / Lehola, Vaikna, Parnu / Parnawa, Dorpat / Tartu and Viljandi / Fellin in Estonia. 1902 (1901), the Plant of electromechanical structures reorganized into a joint stock company 'Dyuflon, Konstantynowicz & Co', DECA. 1809, died 1891, was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason, elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction in 1859, of thirty-two years] described in a letter wrote to Mazzini [Giuseppe Mazzini, 1805 - 1872, an Italian politician, journalist; "William R.

In 1644, Sapieha received King Wladyslaw IV in Rzana.

Eustachy Kajetan Ostafi Sapieha was born in Werki [now in WILNO] in 1797, died in PARIS in 1860; Insurgent of 1831; the son of Franciszek Sapieha born in 1772 [Franciszek Sapieha was the son of Aleksander Michal SAPIEHA and Magdalena Lubomirski - Magdalena Agnieszka was the daughter of Antoni Benedykt Lubomirski.

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