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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. It follows thus : — Deed of Entail by Gerald, Earl of Desmond. Know all men, present and future, that I, Gerald Fitz gerald. It will be observed that the penmanship is cultured up to the time, though like the Countess of Cork's and many other con- temporary " feir ladies," her orthography and phrasing were somewhat imperfect. ) [=lose] thes rayne and wynds." Pyne's case will also be sifted and adjudged in the Life of the Earl. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Earl of Desmond, and Lord of the liberty of Kerry, have given, granted, and by this my present charter have confirmed to James Butler, Lord Baron of Dunboyn, Sir John Power, Knight, Lord Baron of Curraghmore, and John Fitzgerald, son of Edmond, gentleman, all baronies, manors, messuages, lands, tenements^ and all other hereditaments whatever, with all their appurte- INTRODUCTION. Apart from the Poet's glamour, Elizabeth Boyle must have been a fascinating and remarkable woman. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Where I have enfeoffed James, Baron of Dunboyn, and Redmond Everett, and their heirs, bearing date the fifteenth of March, in the thirteenth year of the prosperous reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth (the Queen's Majesty that now is), of the baronies of , otherwise Glenogie, Any, and Fydemore, and other manors and heredita- ments, with their appurtenances, within the County of Limerick, as by the same feoffment more at large appeareth. xv Turning now to the present volumes, it fells to me to guide the reader to certain noticeable things that will reward study, and partially reveal the treasure-trove of these further '* Lismore Papers." But as with the " Diary ** of the First Series, there are innumerable lesser detaik that cannot be referred to in a brief Introduction like this. Further, these Letters and Papers not only confirm our previous finds, that she was married to Roger Seckerstone as her second husband, and to Captain — afterwards Sir Robert — ^Tynt, as her third husband ; but that she held her son. I for one was pleased to observe that Peregrine signed his name in close imitation of his illustrious father, that is, as * Speser/ with a loop (forming at top e), joining the s and r, instead of the usual g, or Spenser. Chronology, as stated, compels me to postpone Peregrine Spenser's formal receipt and discharge to the Earl of Cork for his mother's £s^9 ^^ vo L iii. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. The true meaning and consideration of the feofiment is and also of the within written feoffment, is that the several feofees in the several feoffments aforesaid, and their heirs and the survivor of them, and his heirs, do forthwith stand and be seized of all the said baronies, manors, lordships, and all other the hereditaments in the said feoffment, bearing date, ut supra, contained, to the use of me, the said Gerald, Earl of Desmond, and Dame Ely nor, my wife, during both our lives, and the sur- vivor of us : the intent also of the above written feoffment is that the same feofees and their heirs and the survivor of them, and his heirs, do forthwith stand and be seized of the residue of all the manors, lordships, messuages, lands, and all hereditaments, with their appurtenances, which I have within this realm of Ire- land in the same feoffment contained, to the use, commodity, profit, and behoof of me, the said Gerald, during my natural life, and after to the use, behoof, and commodity .... Present being at the ensealing and delivery hereof, those whose names ensueth : — James Dowdall, Charles Haye, Thomas Hurlye, Denis Rogamme, James Goulde, Denis Art. Present at the delivery, seizen, and possession, at Traly, in the County of Kerry, in the name of all the lands and tenements and other the hereditaments with their appurtenances within that countie : — Andrew Skyddie, William Cogan, Denis Calmye, Chancellor, of Limerick ; John Bruet, Nicolas Roche, Charles Haye. Present when livery and seizen was taken at Any, in the County of Limerick, in the name of all the lands and tenements, and other the hereditaments, with their appurtenances, within that county : — Richard Butler, mark ; John Gradye, mark ; John Oge Mc Down Cragh, Gillyduff Mc Mahony, Edmond Fowler, mark. (a) Elizabeth Boyle, wife of Edmund Spenser the Poet. Peregrine Spenser, by the Poet, in loving and anxious regard to the end — calling him of her " chcefest joys." (See next note, b.) xvi INTRODUCTION.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. STATE- CORRESPONDENCE OF SIR RICHARD BOYLL, FIRST AND ^ GREAT' EARL OF CX)KK NEVER BEFORE Vkl STLD BY THE REV. 257) by furnishing the '' Deed of Entail by Gerald, Earl of Desmond, 17* September, 1574." Every schoolboy (as Macaulay puts it) knows the his- torical importance of this attempt of the great Rebel to steal a march on the Government by so disposing of his vast Estates that in case of his defeat, or capture, or death, these Estates might not be forfeited and given away from his blood. The last is of rarest interest, as it was written when he was on the point of departure on his memorable and ominous voyage. In addition to these, there are various extremely important Papers on his estates, and especially on Lady Raleigh's persistent worrying of the Earl of Cork over her shadowy rights. The whole of these Raleigh documents contribute substantively to his biography and Irish residence. For more on him, and damna- tory, the Life of Raleigh by Edwards must be consulted, wherein are these references : ** Pine, Henry, becomes a partner with Raleigh in the enterprise for exportation of pipestaves from I. Munster, i., loi ; his defalcations towards his partners^ and the lawsuits thence arising^ i., 102 ; ii., 493 ; Raleigh's intervention in a suit between him and Lord fioyle (afterwards Earl of Cork), i., 601." The following short letter from Pyne to the Earl of Cork (No. vii.), addressed *' To the right hono''able the lord Boyle Barron of Youghall thes with all fpeed," and endorsed, " 13 of July 16 17 f From M*" Pyne about S^ waiter Raleighes and my meeting at Mogealy," is printed here as promised in the place, literatim : — " My good Lorde. For the original List of Names and Addresses, see vol. the ist and ind Series together) the names remain substantially the same; but because of deaths and other circumstances, there have been two-three transferences, e.g, to {a) J. Present when livery and possession was taken at Moco Uope, in the County of Waterford, in the name of all the lands and tenements, and other the hereditaments, with their appurte- nances, within that county: — ^John Bynd, John Oge Mc Gragh, Nicholas Roche, W. Cashel Hoey, Esq., London ; {b) Royal Dublin Society j (r) Public Library, Worcester, Mass., U. Morris Fitzgerove, mark ; Charles Haye, It must be explained that the first portion of this ' Deed ' is in old canine Latin ; so that our text of it is to be read as a trans- lation. Many other similar notices are scattered up and down these volumes. These records of the Cork family purchases of dresses will be found of considerable value in various ways.

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