Speed dating circle club

The women sit in the tables in pretty much a circle around the venue and then the guys have 3-8 minutes to talk to the ladies before some kind of sounder goes off and they have to move (usually clockwise) to the next table/lady.

It kind of reminds you of organized musical chairs with the added pressure of trying to attract strangers – bonus!

So you’ve decided to delve into the world of speed dating, eh?

I should explain what it is and then we’ll get into 3 great tips to make it a successful experience for you.

It’s the kind of thing I, and most of my friends, would want to do regardless of whether we’re, and knowing that, elite invitation-only dating club Inner Circle arranged three consecutive nights at private member’s club L’Escargot, in Soho this week.

To prove the point, despite no longer being single, I sneaked along this week to check out L’Escargot!

The Inner Circle is an invite-only singles club, however 30 Dates readers have a special invite.

Because of the nature of the event, people were approachable and open to talking to each other.

The other thing I noticed, was because the Inner Circle is a dating site, and before the event you could see which other members were planning to attend, it was easier for singles to break the ice with one another, because they’d already spoken on the dating site.

You’ll have read enough of my reviews of dodgy ones to know how rare a decent dating event can be!

When it comes to singles events, as far as I’m concerned, the best events are those which you want to go to, regardless of whether you’re single or not.

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