Speed dating events ventura county

Each event is organized to enable you to meet ten to fifteen single professionals of the opposite sex in the forty and over age range.Upon arrival, we request you check in with the Speed Dating event coordinator who will give you a name badge and a number.

If there is someone with whom you would like a "full date," you simply make note of it on the tally sheet, and if that person has marked you on his/her tally sheet, then this is a Speed Dating "match." At the end of the event, the tally sheets are turned into the Speed Dating coordinator who contacts you and your match within 24 hours.

The promo value expiration date passed and you contacted the vendor datihg they will not accept your certificate.

We can not issue you a refund dating the promo value expiration date expires.

Do a certain number of people need to buy the deal before it becomes valid?

You do NOT have to form a group yourself; anyone who signs up for the deal counts.

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