Speed dating fox and hound

Further comments: The figure a black dog was seen in a small cave area near the stones, the sound of whimpering was heard before the dog manifested itself while snarling its teeth.

Scaring the unsuspecting man half to death he closed his eyes and waited his fate, when he opened his eyes the dog had gone!

I refuse to go there at night, as I say I am sceptical of sightings but I know what I saw and it has stuck with me ever since I have looked on the internet to see if anyone else has ever reported sightings here but I cannot find any which makes me seem like it was just me after all I would appreciate it if you know of any sightings from this place if you could let me know this has been on my mind for several years.

The figure of a woman dressed in a brown dress and bonnet has been seen walking through the pub quite regularly by the staff normally around closing time.Firstly i would just like to say, you aren’t the only one.7 Years ago when my boyfriend first pasted his test and we were at the relationship stage of not sitting in the house we always used to park on the same hill in the car at night and talk and just have our own space before he would drop me back of at home... We were sat in the car talking with the engine and lights off and all of a sudden we both saw the most strange shape of a black cloth come from the left hand side of the field right across in front of the car and vanished, I myself have always thought until I see it then I’ll believe it but I can now honestly say that I know exactly how this lady feels.I waited for him under the railway bridge at the bottom of the steps. "You'd run if you'd just seen what I've seen", was the reply.A few minutes later he came belting down the steps in a blind panic. When he got his breath back (though still looking back and in a hurry to get away from the area), he described seeing something big, black ("black as darkness", he said), and moving through the undergrowth as if it wasn't even there.

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