Speed dating language learning

In fact, there is evidence to suggest that it is the least effective way.

If we want to learn something quickly, we need to do it when our minds are fresh. Long study sessions are not as effective as short bursts.

If we can create a reward system based on a game from the learning process, then we can crystallize learning as a habit and we will learn faster.

So if we are trying to learn something new, an effective strategy is to “game it.” Create a game that we can play.

How much of that five hours was spent in focused attention?

How much time did we spend on distractions, like checking our email, or Facebook or Twitter?

Every skill or piece of knowledge that we attain is comprised of many smaller pieces, or chunks, of information.

One of the first things that we should do when attempting to learn something new is to break the material or task down into many small chunks. What we are left with then is a whole bunch of small chunks. Now that we have a whole bunch of chunks we can then proceed to master each individual chunk on its own.

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