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The problem may be one of perception, or it may arise from the culture of the organisation."There is nothing fundamentally different between marketing and IT," says David Chan, director of the Centre for Information Leadership at City University London. If the departments work together, you shouldn't [have a problem]." A CIO trying to grab control of everything will never work.But in other organisations, maintaining high security cannot be the only reason for IT and marketing collaborating.Consolidation, rationalisation and making sure there is a single version of the truth are key drivers for IT and marketing to work together."IT tends to be more rigid and serious, but slower," he says.De Valk believes IT teams can learn from marketing teams, particularly in terms of speed and their pragmatic approach, positive mindset and consultative selling techniques.Windows Mobile users can also connect through their IE browser.The problem is, marketing uses lots of IT, including enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) and data warehouses.

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"In the beginning there was a lot of in-fighting and people were doing their own thing.Jan Peter de Valk, chief information officer (CIO) at DHL, says this is the main barrier between IT and marketing.The time to market, speed of reaction and mentality is the main problem marketing types have with their IT colleagues.But both [departments] recognised this and now 80% of my application portfolio requests come from marketing," he says.Orlo found there were gaps in the goals and objectives of different teams.

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