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The Royal Burgh comprised of two streets Trongait (Quality Street) and Eastgait (High Street).While the area known as Westgate stretched westwards from the Clarty Burn which flowed down Kays Wynd (Law Road) and across what is now Market Place to the sea.The earliest reference to North Berwick was in 1177 when the town was the southern part of the sea passage of which Earlsferry formed the north terminus.At that time a stone quay was constructed at North Berwick harbour but shortly after the Earl's moved away to Threave (Kirkcudbright) and shipping from the port declined.The Dalrymple dynasty was a dominant force in the Scottish legal system during the 18th century. Baronet of North Berwick, was Lord President of the Court of Session from 1698 to 1737 and was the third son of James, 1st. His eldest son, Sir Robert Dalrymple of Castleton, was a member of the Town Council in 1727.His younger brother Hew was also a member of the Council and appointed a Judge of the Court of Session in 1726, taking the title of Lord Drummore.He planted beech trees at the east side of Berwick Law to celebrate the union.A portrait of Sir Hew Dalrymple painted by William Aikman in about 1720 hangs in the Museum.

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Judge and politician Sir Hew Dalrymple (1652-1737) was a Commissioner for the Articles of Union between England and Scotland, and an architect of the Union of the Parliament in 1770.The last of the Earls of Fife to own the North Berwick estate was Isabel, Countess of Fife who lived through the revolutionary reign of David II.In 1344, King David II appointed William Chalmers keeper of the port at North Berwick.The Dalrymples had representatives on the Town Council for over a century, and in the year 1785-6 there were no less than four of them.The early Town Council minutes were dominated with setting a date for the annual election of the Magistrates, Bailies and Councillors, and the opening of the town common in May for grazing the animals.

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