Speed dating prague rande motyl

“Nowadays, I prefer to meet women in the real world.” Speed Dating Quick, safe, and fairly painless, speed dating is on the rise.

The concept is that an equal number of men and women are put into a café or bar and given a series of ‘dates,´ each a few minutes long.

Because of the subscription fee there are also fewer time-wasters.

The biggest site in Europe is Meetic ( which has 525,000 subscribers.

Guarantee means that you have two chances in one - if you don't pick anyone you have the next speed dating event for free.

We also provide speed dating events in English for expats.

Options range from Correspondence and Friends (Dopisování a prátelé) to Travelling Together (Cestujeme Spolu) to Sex Dates and Flirting (Sex Seznamka – Flirt).

The site also contains popular gay, lesbian and bisexual sections, as well as special interest groups.

“I lived in the USA for seven years, and did speed dating while I was there,” explains Jana Olivova, founder of the company.

Speed Dating is time-effective method of meeting other singles; based on one very traditional thing - chemistry.

During one evening you will meet at least ten other singles.

The largest worldwide dating site, ( dropped its Czech language site in 2006 due to lack of interest, so there are a limited number of users in this country.

But for those interested in meeting foreigners is a good option.

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