Speed dating rsvp

Refunds will not be made for attendees who are not able to attend.

Sounds harsh and we know life happens so here are some solutions!

Here at the we understand how difficult it is and therefore made basic level membership free.

So now you can search for your ideal match on the move. One way is through friends but more often than not most people that your friends know are already taken. However, in order to enjoy unlimited communication (instant messaging and internal email) you’ll have to purchase "stamps".If you want to improve the number of visits to your profile, you can sign up to become a Priority member.For instance, you could charge the same minimum amount for 10 stamps or 3! So it’s effectively costing me for one stamp, if I only wish to contact one lady!!! Old enough to know that I’m not at all satisfied with your insane pricing structure. Sincerely, Yes, I have met some ladies on RSVP in my time. Yes I've met a few real bad ones that flake when it comes to showing up for a date, wont answer their phones or messages and vanish less than 10 minutes into the date. In the past 5 years, I usually buy a bulk amount of stamps that never expire.The worst part is, women just expect men to pay for this all the time! Been on here for like 20 years or something, thinking of leaving it altogether… I take full responsibility as they are some of the risks associated with internet dating and dating in general. Also, if someone does not respond after a set amount of time(I forget now as its been a while) they refund me every time.

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